Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Rally

Our Spring rally was great. Cold and windy on Thursday and better on Friday, then the wind died and it was Sunny and warm, upper 60's and into the 70s. The gathering was a perfect size with about 30 people in attendance.
Unfortunately some cancelled due to weather, but it is understandable as storms were around on Wed and Thursday.

This was our last rally as organizers. We have done over 30 in the past 15 years. 
Beginning with the Classic Motorhome MYSTIC 7 Rally in 2002, then onto at least two a year ever since.

Its been fun but time to hang it up and enjoy other rallys and camping trips on our own.

See you down the road....

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Springstream Rally in Hiawassee GA,at Riverbend Campground is 8 days out..Just confirmed-- Fish Fry Thursday night supplied by the host. hushpuppies and such are included. We should bring some sides (& plates and such) if any other dishes are wanted. Also drinks. Fun times ahead....hope too see you there

April 6- 8 is the date

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Some more details on the show April 22-23 2017 see

I had a tour of the facilities at AMS today and was very impressed with the layout and the plans. The area where our vintage campers will be parked is a large blacktop with a number of mostly level sites. Electric hookups at each site ( 20 amp). Water is available nearby, but will not be run to the campers. You can fill a bucket or such if you choose.

-Open house will be both days from noon to 4, you can choose to participate or not to, by displaying on "Open House" sign in your window.

-Special trophies and awards can be won by the campers on display. 

In this same area there will be a motorcycle show on one end, and a Barbecue competition on that side as well.
A stage for live music will be in front of the area with all of us getting a good show. If you are a picker bring your 'axe' as after the show we can use the stage to jam or sing. 

Bathrooms with showers are nearby, after a brief walk through a gate to another section. Not a long walk. 

The staff is encouraging vintage campers to arrive on Friday. The morning or early afternoon is best for arrival. You can of course stay in the camper Friday night. 

-There will be a brewery tour and a cruise for those who want to attend at a local spot on Friday night. Come ready to have fun. 

The gate to the inside track area will close at 6:30 or so, and there will be guard on duty overnight. You will have parking for your vehicle and access to your camper. Also there is a lot/field out of the track where you can dry camp if you choose to get there Thursday, but you will have to move the camper inside the track on Friday. 

- I implore everyone to reserve before March 15 so you can get access to electric equipped sites. There will be a $10 electric hookup charge paid onsite. Anyone registering after Mar 15 cannot be guaranteed electric hookup, and may have to park their camper in a nearby area.

-This show will have a section indoors for vintage Packards and other high end show vehicles. Outdoors, and outside of the camper/bike area will be open display for customs, hot rods, vintage cars and more.

-Many vendors and food vendors will be located around the area as well. 

-A track for “cone” racing will be nearby. 

Lots going on!!
Any other questions are welcomed at ALANSDAVID@GMAIL.COM

Y'all Come!! We want to turn this into an annual event for campers only and grow it. Tell me what you'd like to see in a a show like this.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome to our Vintage Camper and Airstream Rally Pages!

  In the year 2000 my family purchased a 1982 Airstream Classic Motorhome. This was our very first experience with Rvs and camping trailers. I searched the internet for more information on how to use it better, and what to do to maintain this beautiful coach. I won't bore you with the story of how I found the Airstream, but suffice to say it took quite some time and a lot of digging through web sites and online classifieds to even locate any of these for sale.

  Once we got the coach we set out for a weekend to try out the "new to us" camper. It proved to me how little I knew about it, but also how much we enjoyed the big old thing. I later stumbled onto a web chat board maintained by a sales person at an RV dealership. There were a handful of people on there who had the same goals as I did. Some of us are still friends all these years later.

  We chatted for some weeks and then as the group started to grow, the owner of the board backed off maintaining it and it was soon unreachable much of the time.
  Among us was an Airstream owner who also had a web hosting server and a small company to manage it. He offered us space on a server and better software at no cost.
This became known as the Airstream Forums. Finding some difficulty with using the Airstream name, as it is their company trademark, he dropped the "stream" and named it the Air Forums. I tell you this because from the small group of people on the newly created web forum, we developed the idea of getting together (as others had been doing for some time...see Wally Byam) to share our passion for these Airstream Classics. Also we had the goal of learning from each other's experiences and common interests face to face.
Our first "Rally" was a meeting of 7 units in the Florida panhandle. Mystic Springs Airstream Park was the place, and we choose a weekend in Spring to get together there. The Mystic 7 as we called ourselves, had a terrific weekend of fellowship, fun and learning. I had never riveted anything and did not even know where to begin the process. Our Airstream it seemed, had a few missing rivets in the shell and interior, and I was told of the importance of replacing these promptly and correctly. With a borrowed rivet gun I learned through the hands on method just how to accomplish this basic task. We all enjoyed ourselves so much the group decided to do it again in a few months. After arriving back home I set out to arrange a Rally or meeting of anyone interested, with no restriction as to the type of camper they could bring. Also, this would hopefully be closer to my home than the 6 hours drive to Florida. The first of our Rallys were held at various State Parks around North Georgia.
The attendance grew and soon surpassed my expectations by a lot. A whole lot....
In 2005 we chose the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds campground as our spot for the next rally. This place in Hiawassee, GA is located on Lake Chatuge, a truly beautiful lake surrounded by Blue Ridge mountains. Early in the morning the fog slowly burns off when the sun comes out and it makes for some scenic views that captivate and inspire everyone.
  The campsites mostly have full hook ups and are arranged in a way that give almost everyone a view of the lake. We found ourselves a home, that we would revisit every Fall and Spring for years to come. In order to separate ourselves from the more stodgy clubs that had held rallys like ours, we named the Spring rally Springstream, and the Fall version became Falluminum. This gave an even more special meaning to everyone who attended over the years.
  Now in 2016 we are in our 11th year at this campground, and as we have grown, our rally has inspired quite a few others to plan their own get together, nearer to their home base. We typically host a crowd of 50 or more campers with 100 plus people, dogs, cats, and more.
 The dates are each April and October, and we have settled into an enjoyable and relaxed routine with no rules, no fees, and really- no requirements other than showing up. Even those without camper have been encouraged to come and learn what this pastime is all about. Most will find a camper style that suits them and they can then seek to find one of their own. All on a fun weekend, where thankfully (!) the weather has cooperated almost all the time.

Attending a Rally with Us :

You can join in our Springstream or Falluminum rally as a camper simply by making a reservation for one of the weekends. The cost is typically $35.00 or so a night for the camp site. You can choose to pay for one night as a deposit and then for the additional night on arrival. Some campers will book extra nights, as the beauty of the campground and the proximity to other interesting places and things makes it worthwhile.

For example : the Bavarian -like town of Helen, Ga is only a short drive over the mountain, and the town of Murphy, NC is 30 miles North. Antiquing and outdoor activities of all kinds are found in the area.  Outside Murphy is Harrah's Cherokeee Casino.

Our Rallys are now held at RIVERBEND CAMPING in Hiawassee GA

It is important to try to reserve your site early. A map can be found on their web site.,. Any site will work for you as an attendee. But you should ask what area they are holding sites in.

 Check our Facebook Page , the Tin Can Tourists home ,Yahoo and Facebook pages, or the venerable AIRFORUMS.COM for more specifics. AirForums has a "Forums Rallys" section that is most helpful. Also we post a thread for chatting about the rally and a list of attendees on the AIRFORUMS site.
If you like you can join our Georgia Vintage  Campers group on Air Forums and Facebook to keep up with information.

Hope to see y'all sometime!

Alan & Shannon 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What to Expect at our Rally

Simply put, expect to have fun. You can bring dogs, kids, bikes, kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, vintage cars, musical instruments, whatever you enjoy. We ask nothing of you, and require nothing. Just keep your clothes on! There is a big boat ramp, and many access points for small watercraft. Nearby towns to visit if you like. Or set out a chair and take in the scene.

The Schedule

Friday (or sooner if you like) arrive, check in at the office and set up your site. Meet and greet after 6:30 at the pavillion or choose to walk around and see who is there. Get the lay of the land. RELAX!
Campfires are invited and encouraged.


We share pot luck type meals twice on Saturday, Morning brunch is at 9:30 ish. Bring whatever you can share, prepare large portions if you can. Or bring nothing- there is no requirement. Come to eat and enjoy. We have power outlets for your griddles, electric pans, coffee makers, etc. Food is served on along tables buffet style. If you have them; bring a fork, spoon, cup and plate for each eater.
We usually say a short announcement or two and then a quick prayer over the food. Again you can choose to join in if you like.

Open House- The "Tour of "Homes"
Around noon campers can display an Open House sign we will give out at brunch.This states that your camper is open for viewing. Folks can walk around the campground and enjoy seeing the old and new trailers and other campers on display. Ask and learn about what owners have done to restore, change, and often personalize their camper. See some restorations in progress and others just beginning. Take photos, and simply enjoy the afternoon.

At or around 5:30 PM we meet again for pot luck shared dinner. Bring foods, wine, beer, other drinks you prefer.
Gift swap- always a fun thing, if you bring a gift ( no minimum expense is asked) homemade craft or whatever, you will place them on a table near the front area.
You write your name on a slip of paper obtained there, and later we randomly pull one and you will get a gift back. If you do not drink alcohol and you get wine, you can hand it back for another choice. All things are encouraged. Kids can assist with giving the gifts out as the names are called.
Music and dance- some of us pay instruments, If you do you are invited to jam along as we do a selection of songs for 30 minutes or so. A PA is provided and singers are welcome to join in. We also often have Karaoke available for those who want to sing a specific song they like.
Dancers are very much encouraged, and line dancing is a favorite.

Campfire; fires can be lit in the rings at your campsite, we also have a main campfire outside the pavillion where you can make smores. Some will be available for sharing as well. Bring a favorite beverage and chairs to relax and enjoy the fire and fellowship. Conversations are lively and enjoyable.

11PM is usually quiet time, but no restriction is placed on your fun.

sleep in, head out, do what you like. Look forward to the next adventure.

RALLY Dates for 2017


SPRINGSTREAM  in North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains... In Beautiful Hiawassee GA on the River camping with vintage and newer trailers. Many Airstreams, Spartan, Shasta, all brands welcome.

Relaxed weekend with no rules, no dues, only pay for your campsite   April 6-9 2017 weekend.     see our Facebook page at Georgia Vintage Campers for more.                                         

Riverbend Campground in Hiawassee, GA

   Riverbend Campground2626 Streak Hill Road Hiawassee, GA 30546Phone: (706) 896-1415

Call for reservations and leave a message if no on answers. They will call you back. 


   APRIL 22- 23  2017 WEEKEND-- bring your vintage camper, bus, or motorhome and camp in the Motorspeedway track area.


Please arrive on Friday and join us for a cruise and brewery tour Friday evening.

Show Hours--
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday

2 weekend passes come with each entry and you do not have to register your vintage tow vehicle unless you want to receive super prize tickets and extra people passes, also the vintage tow vehicle would be considered for awards if registered. Non vintage parking will be assigned. 
As to people viewing your trailer inside-

Open House 12-4 PM.  Provision will be made to display a sign stating "open house" for your camper.