Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What to Expect at our Rally

Simply put, expect to have fun. You can bring dogs, kids, bikes, kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, vintage cars, musical instruments, whatever you enjoy. We ask nothing of you, and require nothing. Just keep your clothes on! There is a big boat ramp, and many access points for small watercraft. Nearby towns to visit if you like. Or set out a chair and take in the scene.

The Schedule

Friday (or sooner if you like) arrive, check in at the office and set up your site. Meet and greet after 6:30 at the pavillion or choose to walk around and see who is there. Get the lay of the land. RELAX!
Campfires are invited and encouraged.


We share pot luck type meals twice on Saturday, Morning brunch is at 9:30 ish. Bring whatever you can share, prepare large portions if you can. Or bring nothing- there is no requirement. Come to eat and enjoy. We have power outlets for your griddles, electric pans, coffee makers, etc. Food is served on along tables buffet style. If you have them; bring a fork, spoon, cup and plate for each eater.
We usually say a short announcement or two and then a quick prayer over the food. Again you can choose to join in if you like.

Open House- The "Tour of "Homes"
Around noon campers can display an Open House sign we will give out at brunch.This states that your camper is open for viewing. Folks can walk around the campground and enjoy seeing the old and new trailers and other campers on display. Ask and learn about what owners have done to restore, change, and often personalize their camper. See some restorations in progress and others just beginning. Take photos, and simply enjoy the afternoon.

At or around 5:30 PM we meet again for pot luck shared dinner. Bring foods, wine, beer, other drinks you prefer.
Gift swap- always a fun thing, if you bring a gift ( no minimum expense is asked) homemade craft or whatever, you will place them on a table near the front area.
You write your name on a slip of paper obtained there, and later we randomly pull one and you will get a gift back. If you do not drink alcohol and you get wine, you can hand it back for another choice. All things are encouraged. Kids can assist with giving the gifts out as the names are called.
Music and dance- some of us pay instruments, If you do you are invited to jam along as we do a selection of songs for 30 minutes or so. A PA is provided and singers are welcome to join in. We also often have Karaoke available for those who want to sing a specific song they like.
Dancers are very much encouraged, and line dancing is a favorite.

Campfire; fires can be lit in the rings at your campsite, we also have a main campfire outside the pavillion where you can make smores. Some will be available for sharing as well. Bring a favorite beverage and chairs to relax and enjoy the fire and fellowship. Conversations are lively and enjoyable.

11PM is usually quiet time, but no restriction is placed on your fun.

sleep in, head out, do what you like. Look forward to the next adventure.

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